Your Stay

When your physician refers you or a family member to Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood for a procedure, you aren't just a number. We want to make your stay easy, comfortable, and safe - before and after your procedure. As we continue to say, our patients become a part of our family.

Our process is thorough and detailed, ensuring that all aspects of the procedure are considered and before you even walk in the door, your physician will have performed an in-depth physician pre-assessment and scheduled your case. If an EKG or other preliminary test is required, that would have been done 5 to 7 days prior to the procedure.


When arriving at Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood, all patients are given a warm welcome by our friendly and dedicated team. Our pre-assessment is a fast, simple and efficient process and the business office will confirm the medical assessment and re-verify the financial and insurance approvals regarding deduction or co-pay. Our goal is to ensure patient satisfaction and patient safety.

You are asked to arrive approximately an hour and a half prior to your procedure where you will meet your patient liaisons who will again verify your medical pre-assessment and will be following you throughout the process. You are part of our family now and our attention to detail is for your safety.


At Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood patients are more than just a number. Our team gets to know you on a personal level and talks to you about what your experience will be like. Since our focus is on elective surgery, our procedures are scheduled, offering an efficient yet comfortable atmosphere, where patients are not rushed through, making our patient satisfaction extremely positive.

In pre-op the anesthesiologist spends time visiting with you in preparation for your procedure and again verifies that your surgeon's information has been correctly prepared for the team. You will meet with the Operating Room (OR) nurse who again reviews the orders and makes sure the proper checks are done. This OR team will be with you during the procedure and will take you back into our 8 bed waiting area afterwards.

We take the extra time to assess our patients' situations and get ready for the procedure - again with patient safety being our main priority.

Operating Room (OR)

Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood has 6 state-of-the-art Operating Rooms with 4 smaller and 2 larger rooms to accommodate different procedures. Two of our procedures rooms focus on GI procedures, pain procedures and pain management.

In the Operating Room you will be moved to the Operative table, with your team by your side ready for your procedure and care. As always safety is our first priority, followed by your comfort - before, during and after your procedure.

To make the process and transition move even more smoothly, another member of our team will call ahead to alert the Post Anesthesia Care Unit that the patient procedure is nearing completion so that they can be waiting for your arrival.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

Everyone is required to enter the PACU to ensure a safe and comfortable aftercare experience. Our 14-bed PACU allows the patient's personal one-on-one advocate team to closely manage and monitor care after surgery. This ensures that the pain medication is under control and patients will wake up comfortably and in a safe environment. As an extra precaution the physician and operating team is always close by to handle any situation, and/or they will release you into the step-down recovery area until your family is available to take you home.

Post Op

When the procedure is complete, the patient will be monitored and will be able rest comfortably in our step-down recovery area that has seven separate bays providing for patient privacy. The recovery area is quiet with single chairs so that patients can receive the necessary discharge instructions and family can wait with you as you get ready to go home when you feel comfortable. The atmosphere is relaxing and is meant to keep patients calm before leaving our hospital.

At discharge patients are moved efficiently and peacefully out to the car under a protective porte-cochere in a safe and seamless process as you leave the facility.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care in a safe environment and we routinely survey patients regarding the care provided to identify and resolve issues. Our surveys are provided by, Press-Ganey Associates, a leader in the health care patient survey process. Randomly selected patients can expect to receive their surveys within two weeks of discharge from the hospital.

In-patient care

If you should need to stay at the Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood following your procedure, you will be admitted to one of our 10 in-patient beds. We have an emergency room physician and nurse on staff 24/7 for patient safety. All of our in-patient rooms are comfortable, private rooms where family is welcome to come and go.

The average stay is 2 to 3 days and there is a focused nurse to patient ratio of 1 nurse to 4 patients. We also offer a personalized dietary service based on the patient's medical situation. Again, the patient is a part of our family and we offer exceptional patient care to our family members.